Fly Ash Supplier In Kerala

Premier Fly Ash Supplier In Kerala State

Fly ash, a grey powdery substance that is produced when coal is burnt to generate electricity, is a major player in the industrialization of Kerala. The leading company renowned as the premier Fly Ash supplier in Kerala State is Muthukumar Traders. We distribute quality Fly ash to all parts of Kerala giving consumers value for their money. Our Fly Ash is famed for its innate bonding qualities that bond well with cement which helps in strengthening concrete. Agriculturalists also make use of Fly Ash to tighten loose soil particles, turn sandy and clayey soil to loamy and release important nutrients crucial to plant growth. Due to the presence of thermal power plants in Kerala state, we, the premier Fly Ash Supplier in Kerala State can easily and readily gain access to our most crucial product, fly ash. This helps us to deliver our services with the speed of light. Our clients include major construction companies, ready mix concrete producers, and cement manufacturers. With 15 bulker tractors, we can fulfill our promise of fast and efficient delivery of quality fly ash to all corners of the region of Kerala. This is why we are known as the best Fly ash supplier in Kerala.

Quality Fly Ash Supplier In Kozhikode

For a quality and affordable fly ash supplier in Kozhikode, contact the best supplier of fly ash which is our company, Muthukumar Traders. Though Kozhikode is not well known for its industries, it is a major force to reckon with when it comes to the economy of the region of Kerala. It is home to breathtaking scenery and beaches which tend to attract foreign tourists all year round. However, some of the few industries that are available in Kozhikode especially the construction companies make use of Fly Ash to strengthen their concrete thereby fortifying their buildings against adverse weather conditions. Our quality class C fly ash is of great and enormous value to brickmakers in the Kozhikode district. Bricks made with fly ash do not only strengthen the bricks but are known to have a heat resistant nature, therefore leaving the room cooler (as compared to houses made with mudbricks) during the day and night as well. To make quality and longlasting bricks, one needs to be supplied with quality fly ash and this, our company, has in abundance. As an efficient and reliable fly ash supplier in Kozhikode, we make sure our fly ash reaches our customers in time to ensure cost-effective work.

Fly Ash Supplier In Thrissur

Thrissur is a historic city that is celebrated for its gold mines. Due to excessive mining activities in Thrissur, there is the risk of polluting the environment and this is where fly ash comes in. Fly ash has chemical constituents that can purify the acid waste that is generated from coal or gold mines. So, not only do we, the major fly ash suppliers in Thrissur, provide quality fly ash but we help save the environment as well. Though Thrissur does not have its thermal plant, it is well known for the manufacturing of coal-based boilers which are very useful in the production of electricity for the people of Kerala. Muthukumar Traders is a supplier of fly ash in Thrissur, to various companies who might need it for their business. The absence of raw material (fly ash) is not a hindrance to us at all. We have offices in areas that have an abundance of fly ash, and with our reliable mode of transport and a good road network within the region of Kerala, we can get the goods to your doorstep in no time. We have about 15 bulker trucks that can deliver close to 40tons of fly ash in either 50kg bags or Jumbo bags. So if you are looking to build your dream house, a factory, an office, school, etc consider buying bricks made with fly ash as they are known to last longer than ordinary mud blocks. However, if you are looking for a quality fly ash supplier in Thrissur, look no further because Muthukumar Traders is just a click away.

First Class Fly Ash Supplier In Cochin

Cochin is another beautiful place worth visiting. It used to be the center of the global spice trade but now it is more famous for its beaches and natural harbors. It is not industrialized as compared to its sister cities in other parts of India but it has its fair share of companies who utilize fly ash in their operations. Being the leading supplier of Class C and Class F fly ash in Cochin, we supply the construction companies and industries with our high-quality Class C and Class F fly ash. Concrete that uses the Class C fly ash is more durable and lasts longer while concretes that utilize Class F fly ash stop corroding chemicals from eating away the concrete. Regardless of the type of fly ash that you are using, you can rest assured that our quality fly ash would give you value for money. No matter where you are, Mathukumar Traders, a leading company for the supply of fly ash in Cochin, would deliver your goods to you at your doorstep.

Premium Fly Ash Supplier In Thiruvananthapuram

The alluring city of Thiruvananthapuram which is a popular destination for tourists around the world and its famous beaches is also not left out of our supply of premium fly ash. Just as the cities mentioned there is no notable thermal plant there so no production of fly ash. However, Thiruvananthapuram boasts one of the best road networks in the state of Kerala. Thus it is easier and faster to supply premium fly ash in Thiruvananthapuram. Our company has served a lot of clients in Thiruvananthapuram who are into building construction and brick molding. Our clients testify to the quality of our fly ash and the efficacy of our services. Our customer relationship is unmatched, as we see our customers as an integral part of our business and our growth as a company. Our reputation as the best supplier of fly ash in Thiruvananthapuram precedes us, this is because we have been recommended to many other clients by customers who experienced and liked our products and services. If you need high-grade fly ash in the city of Thiruvananthapuram, do give us a call.

Fly Ash Supplier In Palakkad

Palakkad is a picturesque town that has been nicknamed the gateway to Kerala. Though not as illustrious as its neighbors, it is known for its special and attractive building designs, lovely music, and the famous chariot festival. It is also home to the famous Brahmins who are very popular for their tasty food. Its buildings have tasted the “magic” of fly ash, as the people of Palakkad have resorted to the use of fly ash in their bricks due to hot temperatures that characterizes the beautiful city. Thanks to Muthukumar Traders, a leading supplier of fly ash in Palakkad, the brickmakers can manufacture quality and affordable bricks which are durable and resistant to harsh weather as well. Most people who use fly ash in the bricks confirm that their rooms are cooler. Given the relatively cheaper cost of fly ash bricks, producers can boast of a good profit margin while consumers also get value for their money. We supply fly ash to all areas in Palakkad. We are committed to sustaining the environment, therefore we urge all construction workers, brickmakers, and agriculturalists in Palakkad to use fly ash in businesses and products. Always remember to purchase your fly ash from the best fly ash supplier in Palakkad, Muthukumar Traders.

Foremost Fly Ash Supplier In Malappuram

Rumored to be the fastest-growing city on the planet, Malappuram is the least industrialized districts in the whole of Kerala, but the most literate due to the high number of schools and its constant and unrelenting investment in formal education. The rate of literacy in Malappuram is over 90%. The city is also at the forefront of urbanization as more people are migrating there because of its numerous schools and friendly climate. Malappuram is known for its growth of coconut, cashew, tapioca, pepper, and rubber. It is also has a good network of roads one of the best in the state of Kerala. We at Muthukumar Traders, suppliers of fly ash, cannot overemphasize the importance of fly ash to the agricultural sector in Malappuram. To improve soil stability and increase crop yield, we can supply quality fly ash throughout the entire farming community of Malappuram. 

Our Success Story

When we established a company called Muthukumar Traders our main aim was to be the number one fly ash supplier in South India. Without sounding boastful we can confidently say that our strong work ethic, fast delivery, quality fly ash, and great customer relations and satisfaction have made us the best and most sought after fly ash supplier in Kerala. There are about 15 bulker trucks which travel far and wide throughout the region of Kerala, wherever our customers may be, to deliver our services. We constantly and judiciously serve clients who deal with Ready Mix Concrete, Cement Manufacturers, and other construction companies who have tried and tested our services and are satisfied with it. Our several bulker trucks can deliver up to 40 tons of fly ash in 50kg bags and Jumbo bags. We aim to keep our existing clientele happy by investing in technology to make sure that we continue to deliver quality fly ash at an affordable rate and the speed of a rocket. We occasionally issue discounts on our world-class services to attract new clients who may be venturing into the business of construction and agriculture but do not have the capital of the bigger companies. We do all these because we aim to remain the finest fly ash supplier in Kerala and beyond.  We hope to keep supporting and pushing the agenda of industrializing the whole of South India and India. Some few years to come, when the story of the industrial revolution is being told, we hope our name will be mentioned.

Other Services We Provide

Apart from the supply of quality fly ash in Kerala, we also distribute 53-grade cement to our various clients throughout Tamil Nadu. This type of cement is famed for its strength and good binding qualities. It is one of the finest cement that construction workers prefer for concrete works. The 53-grade cement we provide is affordable and can be used in all types of concrete.

We also supply Kerala and its surroundings with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) which can also be used in concrete to give it more strength and to make it durable.

For more information on our products and services, be sure to visit to familiarise yourself with our products and services.