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Welcome To Tamil Nadu

The state of Tamil Nadu is one of the most prominent states in South India. It is very famous for its coal-based plants which provide over 70% of its electricity. The Great Living Chola temples (Brihadeeswara Temple and Pallava Temple) located in Tamil Nadu are a sight to behold. They are known to attract hundreds of thousands of tourists on an annual basis. Tamil Nadu which means the land of the people of Tamil has a very vibrant and buoyant economy and a very lovely and hospitable people. There are several languages spoken in Tamil Nadu including Kannada and Malayalam but the officially recognized language is Tamil. The land of Tamil is the hub of fly ash production and distribution due to its high level of production and presence of thermal plants (the main source of fly ash). Its fly ash is the best you can ever get on the market.

Golden Opportunity for Fly Ash Suppliers And Consumers in Tamil Nadu

There is no better place in India right now to conduct fly ash business than in the land of Tamil. This land is blessed with loads of industries ranging from tech companies, chemical production plants, construction companies, and electrical power generation companies. Some of these companies rely heavily on fly ash to manufacture their goods. As the best Fly ash supplier in Tamil Nadu, we are never short of the supply of fly ash powder This is due to the abundance of coal-based power plants in places like Chennai, Salem, and Thootukudi. Fly ash occurs as a waste product of burnt coal. This is, therefore, a golden opportunity for us fly ash suppliers in Tamil Nadu because both crude material and consumers are in the same location. This cuts down heavily on transportation costs and enables our company, a major fly ash supplier in the land of Tamil to be fast and efficient services to our valuable clients deliver it on time to our customers. 

Fly Ash Supplier In Salem

We are a mainstream fly ash supplier in Salem, one of the major cities in the state of Tamil Nadu is Salem which is located on the banks of the Thirumanimutharu river. Salem which is an acronym (Steel City, Agro City, Lime City, Electricity and Mango City SALEM) is also famous for its industries. Just as the name suggests, Salem has industries such as steel, agriculture, lime, electricity, transport, etc. One industry worthy of note and important to this article is Salem’s mode of electricity generation. The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited operate a coal-based power plant that generates electricity. This power plant which uses coal as its primary resource produces fly ash powder as its by-products. This has given rise to another booming industry of fly ash suppliers in Salem, Tamil Nadu. The plant known as Mettur Thermal Power Station is located at Thoppur-Mettur Dam-Bhavani-Erode. The Thermal Plant generates about 600MW of power according to Wikipedia (since 2013), to provide electricity for its inhabitants. Our company, Muthukumar traders, the finest ash supplier in Salem, trades in this type of ash. We supply building construction companies, road construction companies, and brick molders in Salem.

Exclusive Fly Ash Supplier In Neyveli

Neyveli is another industrial city in the district of Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu State. It is about 62km from the Bay of Bengal and 197km south of the capital Chennai. Neyveli is famously known for the mining of lignite coal. Lignite coal is a type of coal that is brownish in nature, hence its nickname brownish coal. It is a type of sedimentary rock formed from compressed peat. This coal is of low quality due to its small ability to retain heat. It has an ash content of 6 - 19% which is good news for fly ash production and distribution. This is because our company Muthukumar Traders, an astute fly ash supplier in Neyveli, can easily get access to the raw material from the power plant. Neyveli is not only famous for its power plant but it is also known for weaving, agriculture, cashew farming, and most importantly brick making. Brick makers are encouraged to use fly ash to make their bricks. The advantages of bricks made from fly ash far outweigh that of bricks made from red clay. From economic reasons to environmental concerns, fly ash bricks are outstanding, durable, and do not waste during construction, unlike the mud-brick counterparts. Our loyal customers (who are brick molders) can testify that we are the best fly ash supplier in Neyveli. 

Fly Ash Supplier In Thoothukudi

The delightful city of Thoothukudi is one of the most mainstream urban areas on the globe today, not just in India. It is an exceptionally well-known tourism objective, because of its alluring scenery, friendly individuals, and great cooking. Thoothukudi is known to be home to a few global organizations. There is an immense number of thermal power plants in Chennai which use coal as its essential asset to deliver power. There are likewise a decent number of premium fly ash providers in Thoothukudi (Muthukumar Traders) who utilize this opportunity to expand their businesses. Due to our reputation as the premium fly ash supplier in Thoothukudi bricklayers and construction workers prefer to buy our products in order to make quality and durable fly ash block and concrete. Fly ash is additionally provided to farmers and rural organizations in the district to improve soil robustness and porosity. Fly debris can likewise serve as an agent that discharges supplements when added to soil and can turn clayey soil to loamy.

Fly Ash Supplier in Chennai

The beautiful city of Chennai is one of the most popular cities on the globe today, not only in India. It is a very popular tourist destination, due to its attractive scenery, hospitable people, and wonderful cuisine. It is the seat of government for the state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is known to be home to several multinational companies. There are a vast number of thermal power plants in Chennai which use coal as its primary resource to produce power. Therefore, we take advantage as the best fly ash supplier in Chennai, to make use of these raw materials produced by the thermal plants to serve our customers in the sub-region. We supply fly ash to bricklayers to make quality and at the same time affordable bricks.  As an efficient supplier of Fly ash Supplier in Chennai, we supply to farmers and agricultural institutions in the region to improve soil solidity and porosity. Fly ash can also serve an agent that releases nutrients when added to soil and can turn clayey soil to loamy. Our bulker trucks also supply fly ash to construction companies that use ready mix concrete and cement factories as well.

Fly Ash Supplier in Mettur

The city of Mettur though not as popular and industrious as its sister cities is a force to reckon with when it comes to the supply of fly ash. As fly ash suppliers in Mettur, just as in the above-mentioned cities, we can boast of proximity to raw materials. These raw materials are abundant given the fact that Mettur also has its own plant which relies mainly on burning coal to produce electricity, though it is not the only electricity generating plant in the whole of Mettur. The Mettur dam provides its share of electrical power to complement that which is being provided by the thermic plant. The city of Mettur is gradually taking steps to industrialize by constructing bigger industries and manufacturing both industrial and home products and we are leveraging on this to provide these big companies with quality fly ash. As the main fly ash supplier in Mettur, we provide our customers with quality customer service, making sure that they get value for money and are satisfied with our services.

Fly Ash Supplier in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is another significant city in the industrial revolution of the land of Tamil. It has an expansive array of businesses and industries encompassing both small scale and medium scale enterprises. Due to this we, as fly ash suppliers in Coimbatore are heavily advantaged because of the presence of some of these industries which readily use fly ash in their crude material. The low crime rate in Coimbatore is also an added bonus to us as fly ash suppliers in Coimbatore as both our money and companies do not suffer from wanton robbery. Unlike the above-mentioned cities, Coimbatore does not have a thermic plant that burns coal to produce electricity. Electricity to Coimbatore is produced by the power of hydro. However, this problem is easily taken care of by our bulker trucks that have the capacity to deliver about 40 tons of fly ash to any part of Mettur. We also supply in 50kg bags and jumbo bags as well.

Fly Ash Supplier in Hosur

Hosur is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the land of Tamil. It is also a hotbed of the tourism industry in South India. Like Coimbatore, Hosur has no notable coal-based thermic plants, therefore, our bulker trucks come in handy. Our trucks are able to transport As the number one fly ash supplier in Hosur, we distribute our products to building construction and road contractors all over Hosur, who use premix concrete. Big construction companies tend to prefer the use of our fly ash in their constructions due to its ability to strengthen concrete by causing the moisture in them to evaporate faster. As the best fly ash supplier in Hosur, we have the capacity to distribute fly ash to cement and blockmaking factories all over Hosur.  As earlier stated, the city is famed for its assorted flowers so the horticulturists can also resort to the use of our fly ash, given the wonders fly ash can perform for their flowers.

When we established a company called Muthukumar Traders our main aim was to be the number one fly ash supplier in South India. Without sounding boastful we can confidently say that our strong work ethic, fast delivery, quality fly ash, and great customer relations and satisfaction have made us the best and most sought after fly ash supplier in Tamil Nadu. There are about 15 bulker trucks which travel far and wide throughout the land of Tamil, wherever our customers may be, to deliver our services. We constantly and judiciously serve clients who deal with Ready Mix Concrete, Cement Manufacturers, and other construction companies who have tried and tested our services and are satisfied with our product. Our several bulker trucks can deliver up to 40 tons of fly ash in 50kg bags and Jumbo bags. It is our aim to keep our existing clientele happy by investing in technology to make sure that we continue to deliver quality fly ash at an affordable rate and the speed of a rocket. We occasionally issue discounts on our world-class services to attract new clients who may be venturing into the business of construction and agriculture but do not have the capital of the bigger companies. We do all these because we aim to remain the finest fly ash supplier in Tamil Nadu and beyond.  It is our hope to keep supporting and pushing the agenda of industrializing the whole of South India and India as a whole. Some few years to come, when the story of the industrial revolution is being told, we hope our name would be mentioned.

Apart from the supply of quality fly ash, we also distribute 53-grade cement to our various clients throughout Tamil Nadu. This type of cement is famed for its strength and good binding qualities. It is one of the finest cement which construction workers prefer.

We also offer Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) which can also be used in concrete to give it more strength and to make it durable.

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